Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Whigs

Just a quick note to say The Whigs are amazing. Saw them last night as part of CD101 Day 2008 with Switches, Zox, The Whiles, The Duke Spirit and Von Iva. All the bands sounded pretty good, but The Whigs were just amazing.

They were just three guys banging out garage rock and sounding bigger than anything else that hit the stage that night. Quality. I really hope they do a headlining tour so we can see more than 45 minutes.

I hated the Zox discs we picked up prior to seeing them live, but really dug them live too. All the heavy production was gone and they sounded more like a band than an 1980's retrospective. Really good. Jen loved all things Zox before, and last night just cemented that for her.

The Duke Spirit are great, but the sound kind of chugged out of them. I really dig the band, but a touch of muddy sound combined with a bit of a blase stage show just kind of faded into the background.

That's all. I'm no reviewer, to be sure.

I'm really looking forward to next Saturday's Agora Art show at Junctionview Studios. Hoping to see some good local stuff and maybe pick up a piece or two for the house. Jen and I have been on a bit of a kick buying a few pieces of art, and I can't wait to get out and see some more from the area.

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