Monday, April 28, 2008

Demon Dogs of the Night

I picked up Otis and Lucy (my two very manly ten pound dogs) just before 7:00 from the groomers and brought them home. As always, they were all strung out from a day spent in a strange place. Otis was shaking the whole way home, and the moment they got in they guzzled water side by side, unable to quench the thirst within.

Then, they chased and fought one another and seemed to stare at me when they thought I wouldn't notice. In short, their behavior made me nervous.

I don't mean to sound like an alarmist, but I am quite certain that my lap dogs are possessed by Satan. I'm convinced that sometime after the clippers were put away and the toenails were clipped, my dogs participated in a Satanic ritual and are now full of the powers of darkness.

You have doubts? Peep these...

In this first shot you have Lucy (rockin' the pink bandanna) lying in wait before offering up a sacrifice to her master (note the fires of Hell burning in her eyes). Otis (in blue) just got done trying to quench said fires of hell with a long steady drink at the water bowel, but to no avail.

In this shot, Lucy hasn't moved a muscle. She is lying in wait for her chance to strike. Beside her, Otis flicks his tongue like the serpent dwelling in his soul dictates. (Note the fires of Hell are still burning in their eyes).

And finally, here we have Otis, dropping the pretense of being a normal Silky Terrier and giving in to the lust for blood that now fuels his every move. Yes, hellfire still spills from his eyes.

I've put them to bed for now, but if my fears prove accurate I'm guessing the thin wired cage they bunk out in won't contain the horror that is about to be unleashed. I knew we should have paid more for the deluxe crate.

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