Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Urban Medium

If any of the two people that have actually peeped out this blog should ever return, you should really go check out http://urbanmedium.com/ . I can't say enough about how great these people are. Seriously, check out DJ-D2 (who graces my cube at work) and Che-Trooper. Straight up brilliant.

While I've picked up some stuff here and there (just got some new T's and I've got tons of their stickers cuz I'm a big sticker dork) I finally placed the order for what I desired most. Kim Jong iLL will be coming to live with me soon. I've got my archival quality frames all picked out and I'm just waiting for them to roll in.

Bring on the crazy North Korean dictator. I've got the spots picked out on the wall for him...

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