Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Mercenary Whelp Men Stern

Did an anagram search of my name today. Here are some of my favorites:

A Permanence Wrestler Hymn
A Carpenters Newer Elm Hymn
A Penances Remelt New Myrrh
A Creamer Renews Lent Nymph
A Mercenary Whelms Pen Rent
A Spacemen Renew Lent Myrrh
A Cleaners Preterm New Hymn
A Cleaner Hymen Perm Strewn

But, my all time favorite is: A Mercenary When Lent Sperm

You're goddamn right a mercenary when lent sperm. Don't you forget it, you.

Oh, and I named the Great Blue Heron I see most days. I started calling him Stanley for no real reason. Tonight though, I pulled up an old short story that needs some love, and realized the dog in it is named Stanley too. I feel like I'm going to have to find another name that fits. Who would have thought I would only be able to come up with one name for a dog and a bird?

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