Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Idiocy

This morning I was going through the paper on the porch (as per our normal routine) and turned to the Metro section. Metro is where you can get some local issue writing, plus the Obituaries. I don't know why, but I always scan the Obits. I don't always read them, but I look at the pictures, and if a face grabs me, I'll see how their family managed to condense their life into a little paragraph.

This morning, I flipped to the back of the Metro section and found myself staring at two pages full of photos of men. I was astounded by the number of deaths, confused why they all seemed to be men, and shocked by how many of them were black. My immediate thought was, if you are a black man living in the city of Columbus, you need to get the hell out. Run man, run! What are you still doing here? For the love of everything holy, don't you see what's happening to your people in this town?

"Holy shit!" I said to Jen. "Are there any black men left in Columbus?"

Jen looks over from her puzzle to the pages I'm holding out for her to see. "Um, those are Father's Day tributes."

"Oh. Of course they are."

Rest easy, African American men of Columbus. You're safe. I'm an idiot.

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