Wednesday, January 28, 2009

White World Blues

The ice started last night. We could hear it when standing in the kitchen talking, and the dogs came in pelted and indignant. Each waited until I was standing near them with the towel to shake off, ensuring that I would get a taste of what they have to endure just to be able to pee.

As much as I hate the winter when it starts to drag, they seem to hate it ten times worse. The joy of the first snows have given way to sore paws and heads held down against the wind. Sometimes they decide it's not worth it, and turn immediately to stare into the house through the glass, refusing to step out into the yard.

On the plus side, I noticed it was almost six o'clock and there was still light in the sky. Bring it. I'm way done with winter, even if this is the first decent snow of the year.

It's amazing that the entire city seems to shut down when the Great White Death falls from the sky. I had to drive to two different Subways today to get lunch because one of them hadn't opened. Really? We're talking four inches of snow here people. I mean sure, there was ice too, but I'm no Ice Highway Trucker and I pulled it off. Not showing up ran rampant today though. My normal staff of five was a staff of two meaning I had my work cut out for me.

Bring on Spring. I'm so ready to see some leaves and breathe air that doesn't sting my lungs.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think you guys are getting pounded heavier than we are this winter with accumulation anyways. We have had some serious cold snaps and you seem to get the snow/ice.

p.s. something for you on my blog if you hadn't looked. I'm on vacation and made a stop at Kid Robot.

Lionel Ritchie's Man Bag said...

Yeah, sir...I've been keeping my eye on your vacation and read about your Kid Robot stop last night. So cool there aren't even words for it. Hope you snagged that sweater for me while you were there. I think we both know I'd rock that shit.

Have a great time, man.