Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dance, You Fucker, Dance

Last night I picked up a friend from the Cleveland airport and we headed straight over to Blossom Music Center for last night's Radiohead show. Several months ago we bought Pit tickets which is a small standing room only section up against the stage. Without question it was the best money I've spent in ages.

Most shows that I go to have their moments where genius seems to peek through the clouds and you find yourself blown away but what you're seeing. Last night's show did that with nearly every song. I know I'm such a fanboy, but still...last night couldn't have been more perfect. Good people, good whiskey, good fun.


15 Step, There There, Morning Bell, All I Need, Pyramid Song, Nude, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, The Gloaming, The National Anthem, A Wolf at the Door, Faust Arp, Exit Music (For a Film), Jigsaw Falling into Place, Idioteque, Climbing Up the Walls, Bodysnatchers, How to Disappear Completely.
ENCORE: Videotape, Paranoid Android, Dollars & Cents, Reckoner, Street Spirit (Fade Out).
SECOND ENCORE: House Of Cards, Lucky, Everything in Its Right Place.
What's this? You'd like to see more grainy cell phone pictures? All you had to do was ask, my friend.

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