Thursday, July 3, 2008

Miss Me When You're Gone

Jen's suspicious of my timing.

On Sunday, she's heading to Wisconsin to hang out with her mom for a week, and leaving me to log some serious Grand Theft Auto time. This is a trip she makes each year, and I always look forward to it too.

In my mind, it's a week of bachelorhood. I can do what I want, when I want. I'll be able to watch Kill Bill without having to get up and hang laundry in the middle of it. I won't have someone standing over my shoulder reminding me I should drink another 48 ounces of water before bed. No one will be standing there, shaking their head at me as I stand weaving in front of the coffee pot, asking me what time I finally made it to bed. The idea of it is great.

The reality is a bit different. I generally don't sleep well that week. I find myself working on little projects that she has been bugging me to do, that I've been putting off. We text each other a lot. I hear every little noise in the house. I do get to play a lot of games and scratch where it itches, but you can only do that so long. By the time she comes back, I will be more than ready for the company. I'm such a hermit, but she's my partner in being housebound.

Still, she's suspicious of my timing. This morning, I broke down and took my wedding ring off. It's been seriously loose for a while, but this morning it almost fell off in the shower, so I took it off and put it in her jewelry box. She watched me do and asked if I was making plans for a big week while she was gone.

"Honey, if I don't take the ring off now and try to get rid of the tan line, everyone at the bar will know I'm married."

"Nice. Jackass."

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