Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jogging With Bob Ross, Dwight Schrute and Jesus

It's true. Last night I jogged with all of them. Also, with Willie Nelson and Kevin Smith. Out of our little group, I outran some and was beaten by others. It was still fun.

So yeah, I got Wii Fit last night. After getting through the initial weigh-in / BMI calculations and being given my Wii Age (6 years older than my real age - ouch!) I started playing. I started out with some running in place thinking that would be a decent way to get my heart started. I started jogging, and that's when all of the Mii's that we imported started showing up all around me in jogging outfits. Jen would go jogging by with Willie Nelson and it would just crack me up. Good stuff.

Wii Fit seems like it will be fun, and I'll totally work it into the routine. Some of the games were a good time and pretty addictive. Some were just OK. I think my biggest complaint will be all of the starting and stopping. I'm hoping that once I get through some of the basic levels of the game, the exercises will toughen up a bit. Still, it is just a game. If I want to work out I can go for a bike ride and lift some weights.

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