Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Good Idea

Every once in awhile an idea for a story comes out of no where and just seems so right. The other night, I was reading through Blood Meridian (Or The Evening Redness in the West) by Cormac McCarthy and one of his sentences jumped out at me. One of the characters in the story was telling a story about a father who murdered a man. The sentence that grabbed me was about the man's son, who grew up to also become "a killer of men". Immediately, I had an idea for a new story.

And not just any story, mind you. I think this is The Story. This may be the one that breaks the short story size line and become a big-boy book. All I have to do is exhibit the intestinal fortitude to get through editing a few more short stories that need massive amounts of love, and then I can allow myself to get started on the new project.

Related side note: Thanks to TKT for turning me on to Cormac McCarthy in the first place. I started with "The Road" (don't ask...just buy) and haven't been able to stop since. I have a shelf full of his stuff to get to, and am loving all of it. You're a good man, Tappity. The first round is on me.


In other news, I got my tickets for Radiohead coming up August 4th at Blossom Music Center. I was placing my order four minutes after the tickets went on sale, and still all I could get were lawn seats. Ebay to the rescue. I have now upgraded my seats to the Pit which is at the very front of the Pavilion. If Thom Yorke were to look down, I would be close enough for him to see what a dorky fanboy I can be. I plan on living up to my potential.

This will be my second time seeing them play live, and I can't wait. I absolutely love live music. I don't get out to see bands like I used to, but I love it when I do. Thinking about the upcoming Radiohead show got me thinking about bands I've seen live, and I decided to list them out. Some were shows I got dragged to, some I drug other people to, but I managed to have a good time at almost all of them. The list includes opening bands and headliners. It's all I can remember at this time, but it feels like there should be a few more. In no order whatsoever:

Cypress Hill
The Flaming Lips
Sonic Youth
Ani Difanco (x2)
Silversun Pickups
The Cliks
The Miranda Sound
VHS or Beta
The Whigs
The Duke Spirit
The Whiles
Ben Folds
Blues Traveler
Great White (The first concert I ever went to)
Bad Company
The Damn Yankees
Teenage Fanclub
The Afghan Whigs
The Dead Milkmen
Faith No More
The Gin Blossoms (x2...seriously)
The Spin Doctors
Van Halen (x2...seriously)
The Rolling Stones
Lenny Kravitz
Pink Floyd
Smashing Pumpkins
The Frogs
Blue October (x2)
Shiny Toy Guns
The Damnwells
The Beta Band
The Cowboy Junkies
The Icarus Line
Marilyn Manson
Nine Inch Nails
Suicidal Tendencies
The Evil Mothers
Rollins Band
Radiohead (soon to be x2)


God said...

Sweet! I'm so stoked you're toying with the idea of a 'big boy book.' I'm your wing man during the process, yo. Inspiration, motivation, inebriation...at least next weekend.

Let's do this thing.

Sandy said...

I am always up for a good Blue October concert. I hope they were not ones you were "dragged" to.