Friday, July 15, 2011

Word? Word.

It gets quiet here at night.  Sophia is usually down by 7:00, and Jen not much later these days.  I roam around the house in the evenings alone, fighting sleep the same way I used to when I was five years old.
It finally happened after fourteen months. She squatted, her lower half hidden by the layer of suds floating on the bath water's surface.  The act may have been hidden, but I saw that now familiar look of concentration followed the smile that accompanies completion.  Bath time was over so I could fish the brown-snake out and flush it.  I had been expecting and dreading it for fourteen months, but in the end it didn't hurt at all.
I applied for an internal position that I thought was well outside of my grasp, and shockingly got an interview.  I trimmed back my ("soulful, indie-rock") beard, busted out my fancy pants, and went to talk to a VP who was also a VIP about the possibility of becoming an AVP.  I felt strong about the interview at first, but as 24 hours passed I was certain I had performed so poorly that he would contact my current boss and suggest she terminate my employment.

As is often the case, the truth is found in the middle.  I didn't get the job, and made some mistakes (which he was kind enough to discuss with me a few days after the announcement was made about the position), but in the end I had at least made a showing for myself.  I learned a lot, and have mostly contented myself with the knowledge that my next interview will be substantially better because of this one.

Still bummed though.  The job was amazing, and it would have been huge for the family.  Next time, Mr. VIP.  Next time.
Playing Scrabble this week I scored 167 points for the word yuletide.  This is something I'm very proud of.  Two triple-word scores with just one word, y'all.  Mark it.

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