Thursday, November 6, 2008

Photos of Whatnot

Tonight I took a pic of one of my screenprints that I just got framed and came across a couple of other pics that I thought would be cool to dump on here. So, without further ado...

Kim Jong iLL

Finally got my screenprints framed and ready to hang. I've wanted to have this done for ages now and think they look great. The frame is wooden with these really great ridges that don't show up at all in the pic.

Bike Trail

Hard to tell from this picture, but this is the paved trail I ride to work. It doesn't all have this secluded feel, but looks like this quite a bit along the way. One day soon I'll post a series of pics from my ride. Cox suggested that once, and it could be interesting if done right. It is a nice ride that affords views like this one below:

Additional Wildlife

My very manly dogs Otis and Lucy. This is pretty much what they do when not eating, pooping, or trying to kill each other.

The Eye

Watch your ass. The Eye is watching.

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Art said...

Neat pics, very entertaining blog. Thanks for the comment... but America really wants to know, are you really "Lionel Ritchie's Man Bag"??? ;)