Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Random Fact About Me #452

When I have a cup of coffee in my hand and I'm walking back to my desk, I have to stare at it to keep it from slopping over the side of the mug. If I'm not completely focused on the cup of coffee and my mind wanders, it's like I'm transformed into a Parkinson's patient shaking and stumbling toward my ergonomic desk chair. I might as well dump the fucking pot over my head and get it over with.

If I bear down and really focus though, I can actually make it back to my desk without burning the shit out of myself.

This morning, my mind wandered and my hand is still stinging.

I so want to be like the IT guys I see on our floor. They just march around the room, hands gesticulating while the while keeping that sweet black liquid at an even level in their cups. They laugh with each other when telling stories of a Tier 1 user attempting to access a database that has been unused for months while sipping absently from steaming mugs that say "World's Best Dad". I want to be able to sip absently. I want to know the appropriate time to transition from coffee to Diet Mt. Dew. I want to know what a Tier 1 user is.

Later though.

For now, I just need another cup of coffee and I'm going to have to direct all my energy into not hurting myself on my way back. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

I totally spilled my hot soup on my hand this afternoon walking from the break room. Stupid co-ordination. I feel your pain sir.

Art said...

Hillarious. I'm not much of a coffee drinker but when I do, I have the same problem.

And there is no transition time for diet mountain dew. I drink it 24/7... well, almost.

I took two 20 oz. DMD's to a business meeting once and a coworker asked why two.

The obvious answer: Beacause they don't come in 40's!