Thursday, June 5, 2008

Merryman Makes Everything Better

So, I was doing my morning blog reading to see what folks were up to, and good old Tappity posted a Slogan Generator that stole a few moments of my time this morning. Maybe it's the fact that I'm ten years old inside. Maybe it's Narcissistic need to see my name inserted into well known slogans. Maybe I just don't feel like working. Regardless, here's some of my favorites:

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I'm Cuckoo for Merryman!

Every Kiss Begins With Merryman

It's Slightly Rippled With a Flat Merryman (I don't even know what this was for, but it makes me laugh.)

You Like Merryman. Merryman Likes You.

Merryman Makes Everything Better.

Sometimes You Feel Like a Merryman, Sometimes You Don't (Many people would attest this is true.)

And, perhaps the most fitting (in light of my recent shedding of poundage): Half the Merryman, All the Taste

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