Friday, February 29, 2008

Doodling At Lunch

It was finally over. Silence fell on the cellar as her screams trailed off into unconsciousness. He loomed over her, a machine assembled for destruction with eyes flat and lifeless. They had stood calmly out in the middle of the chaos of flailing limbs and random violence like twin eyes of a hurricane. Slowly, he ran his finger along the exhausted and crumbling mortar in the wall watching the graying clumps soundlessly fall to the dirt floor.

I had been too afraid to follow him into the cellar, and now he looked back to where I was standing in the doorway. The dim light from the stairwell crawled limply toward him, but thankfully failed to illuminate the far corners. My shadow, also refusing to enter the room, collected under my feet trembling.

"Yes," he said moving his eyes back to the body at his feet. "This place will do just fine."

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